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NOTE -  Please Read Additional Information regarding Your Appointment 

Dr. Grosinger feels that a patient presenting to our office with sinus, allergy, throat or voice complaints require a thorough examination of that specific area.  In some cases, that can only be accomplished through the use of an endoscope (our providers use two different types of scopes.)  This examination is essentially painless, and in many cases, can be accomplished quickly.

A procedural fee will be submitted to your insurance carrier for this procedure.  In most cases, we will accept your insurance company’s allowance for this procedure.  You will be obligated to pay only the deductible and or co-payments that are applied to this claim. Please note:  some insurance companies may list this diagnostic procedure as “surgery” on the insurance remittance advice you receive.

These procedures have almost no risk and provide your provider with an excellent view of the areas involved.